Confessions of a First Commission


HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM SCRIPT ADVICE TOWERS.... I thought to herald in the New Year, I would give you a new blog. A new style. George the Blogging Writer lives in my head mostly; she does [...]

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It's a chilly September morning. The heating is on at Script Advice Towers. Another Summer been and gone, for this blogger at least, in a blur of sandwiches, sand in sandals and a bid to [...]

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script advice newsletter – Spring


SCRIPT ADVICE – NEWSLETTER 08 ·        Spring is here! ·        Story telling for Telly ·        Short Courses from SCRIPT ADVICE and other interesting stuff WHAT THE SCRIPT FACTORY SAYS ABOUT SCRIPT ADVICE: "We can heartily [...]

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SCRIPT ADVICE Newsletter – 5


Contents: Hello Breathless A Day In The Life Of George Jobbing Writer Interesting Stuff Find out if I can help you with your current project @ offering writers mentoring, training and script editing services [...]

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My son was born in my 46th year. This, according to the NHS made me as old as the Peat Bog Woman but he turned out healthy and happy in spite of my Neolithic status. So I for one am happy to concede that I can not have it all and am very lucky that I had the career had and still managed to get the opportunity to be a mum before my bits turned back to peat bog.

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FINAL DRAFT writing competition


It's always good to enter a writing competition or two.   If you are the sort of writer who needs deadlines to produce their best work, then a competition gives you just that. Also, your work [...]

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