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Come and join me for two weekends at my cottage in East Sussex and Online; new dates for 2024 to be announced, get in touch to reserve your place around my table and also online
Give yourself space to breath, learn from my experience and start making new connections

 This is a brilliant course and  @YVONNEGRACE1 is one smart cookie! I landed my dream gig using the skills I learned over those 4 days. Don’t miss out #scriptediting #television
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I launched this info-packed, industry-facing course in 2017 initially with support from Screenskills.  Screenskills will assess your application for a bursary to cover fee, travel and accommodation on a person to person basis. Check out their website for more details.

To date I have trained a healthy crop of potential script editors and also raised the writing bar for writers keen to tackle the long form narrative, via this one of a kind course. You will not find its like anywhere.

This is where you come to really learn the job and craft of a script editor and so far, a third of the candidates from the course started in 2017 and still running in 2024 have either landed script editor or development roles in the industry, or secured representation and are now working as writers on a long form show.

The 4 day course is always intensive, fun, and packed with information. It is important to me to convey how essential this job is to ensure the continued high standard of series television drama production in this country. Focusing on the control and development of High End Television Series and Serial narratives, this course has proven to be successful in bringing a fresh and consistent flow of new and burgeoning script development talent entering at ground level, direct into the Television Industry.

Script Editor Delegate Comments


“I’ve just finished Yvonne Grace’s Script Editing for Television – and wanted to say how marvellous the course is.

For starters, there’s Yvonne with her warm welcome, knowledge, passion, and tales, all of which she imparts effortlessly, helping you to fall further in love with writing, story, and script editing. The four days are packed full of information, techniques that include practical approaches to analysing scripts, story development, creating series arcs, delivering script notes, and more.

What the course isn’t is a re-hashing of what every book about script editing says; instead, what you get is hands-on experience of what script editors do, the opportunity to practice as well as get feedback and tips on how to improve. Really, the breadth of information that comes up is too much to compress into a bitesize nugget.

If you write, if you want to deepen your knowledge of script editing, or expand your circle of writerly-type friends, grab some skills, and pep up your CV, without a doubt, get on one of Yvonne’s courses.”

DOROTHEA GIBBS script editor delegate


“Opportunities to glean unfettered insight from seasoned pros like Yvonne come few and far between, and her course offers just that. Yvonne walks you through all aspects of script editing, from story structure to tactfully giving notes to sensitive writers, using real productions examples and talks with working writers on world-famous TV shows thrown in for good measure. Overall, four great days of study!”

RYAN HOOKER script editor delegate

“I have just enjoyed a really inspiring course, living and breathing scripts and script editing with Yvonne Grace who has herself lived and breathed scripts and script editing for over 30 years within the television industry.
She imparted a wealth of insight and wisdom over a really engaging and interactive few days and did so with real verve and energy to boot. I came away, not only wiser, but also fired up for what I could achieve myself. A great course indeed”

PHOEBE BRYANS script editor delegate

“Few gurus have the experience or expertise Yvonne brings to her first-of-its-kind script-editing course, nor can they match her enthusiasm and energy. Every session is intensive and accessible, every guest speaker a leader in their field. You couldn’t get a better introduction to the job.”

EMMA MORGAN script editor delegate

I really love how practical this course is and with how much joy and love for the business comes across from Yvonne sharing her knowledge. If you want to learn how to connect creativity with structure, empathy within pressure and create meaningful stories in a team- this course it the right thing for you. I found it amazing to meet industry professionals and hear from their everyday life in the business.

ZOE SCHMIDT delegate

I have learnt so much about the art of script editing – Yvonne has packed the course with some much useful information. She is really inspiring and her enthusiasm is so infectious. I can’t recommend the course enough. I will never watch television the same way again!

ANNA HINDS delegate

Yvonne Grace is a veritable goldmine of information regarding the processes underpinning script development and TV programme production. Yvonne is knowledgeable, passionate, analytical, engaging and encouraging. I found her course to be constructive, pragmatic and highly informative. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with the desire to forge a career in UK TV.


Wonderful, wonderful wonderful! Yvonne’s beautifully designed Script Editing Course caters for the completely new and the experienced. It’s a lovely thing when similar minds are brought together to discuss TV, improve our skillset as well as provide a much needed confidence boost all set in a 300-year-old cottage. I cannot recommend this course enough.

LILY O HARA script editor delegate

“I can’t recommend Yvonne’s course enough! Not only is she absolutely brilliant at unpacking what makes a script tick, but it truly felt such an honour to be welcomed into her gorgeous home. Every day of the course was filled with laughter and insight and I’m so pleased I was able to snag a place on the ride. For a beginner like me, it’s been a truly invaluable experience getting the chance to talk to kindred spirits and industry professionals alike.”

JORDAN MAXWELL RIDGWAY script editor delegate

The weekend was packed full of useful information; still digesting some of it. It was far more relaxed than I was expecting, but in a good way! It was the perfect environment to soak up new information on a job role I only really know bits and bobs about from my time at university. It was great to be surrounded with people who have a similar goal as myself, and interesting to see how we had all come from different backgrounds. It’s excellent to connect with people in the industry with diverse knowledge and experience. I can’t wait to soak up more of Yvonne Grace’s wisdom. I would recommend the course wholeheartedly and it’s definitely worth trying to get a place.

ROSIE DRABBLE script editor delegate

I really enjoyed everything we covered on Saturday and Sunday and I’m so excited for this coming weekend as well (especially meeting Kate Oates as her time on Emmerdale is some of my most favourite/beloved soap ever.)

NADIA RASHEED script editor delegate

I can’t believe we’re only halfway through. I have learnt so much, and had fun along the way. Highly recommended.

script editor delegate

This is a unique course in script editing for British television, and a privilege to work with speakers at the forefront of the industry. As a result of Yvonne’s fun and insightful approach, I’ve achieved all that I wanted to get out of this course; confidence in my ability, an awareness of the current industry and the pleasure of working with live scripts. Loved it.


Do You Want To Learn How To Script Edit For Television?

That’s Great News Because Award-winning Television Drama Producer Yvonne Grace Is Delivering A Course Just For You…..30 years ago I got my first job and my big break into the Television Industry as a Script Editor. EastEnders was the show and my career future; thanks to the best job in drama development and production, was assured. This course focuses on how to control and develop long running narratives for High End Television Dramas

Script Editing one of the most popular and fast turnaround shows on our networks at the time, taught me all I still know and use on a daily basis working with writers from my script consultancy Script Advice.

If you are a story nut; love the written word and how it translates to our screens, are a binge watcher of streamed series or box sets, tend to shout out plot holes or highlight plot twists at the telly box, annoy your loved ones with your obsessive attention to story and character detail in all your favourite shows….then you are a script editor in the making.

You will need to be a lover of all things story related. You will need to have definite likes and dislikes where television drama is concerned, and be able to articulate and back up any opinion you have.

You don’t need to be a show off. You do need to have opinions and be able to voice them in a group setting.

You may really like working in a group. You may like working one on one. Both are suited to the job of Script Editing and both are applied in this course.

..the door to success


To introduce, analyse, break down and share with you the joy of the job of Script Editing for Television. All from the perspective of one who has been there and bought the tee shirt. As an ex script editor of long running drama, I am keen to share what I know and how it should be applied within the Television Industry today.

I want to give you the skills necessary to get into the Television Industry as a Script Editor and to stay in the role, gaining experience and deepening your contribution to the production of long running drama.


There is a skill shortage in this area. There is precious little specific training available but Producers Industry wide, lament the size of the talent pool from which they will take their next Script Editors.

I aim to go some ways to filling that gap with you – the next tranche of Script Editing talent.


  • Practical Know-how Expressed In Engaging, Informative And Fun Sessions With Me.
  • Study Of Transmitted Scripts From High End Television Dramas currently transmitting and series and serials that have shaped our television landscape.
  • Practical Exercises in Handling Script Reports, Storylining and Script Analysis.
  • Working with a professional writer of High End Tv Drama and learning the skills necessary for a productive, conducive edit session.


Over four days and two consecutive weekends, the course will analyses and discusses the role of the Script Editor within the High End drama production process; using real examples from dramas I have produced and those that are currently transmitting.

Using real commissioned examples of television scripts and treatments supplied by me and my contacts in the industry, I will show how to take a writer’s creative ideas in Treatment form and translate them into Script form.


I will welcome you into my home (Hayesden Cottage Robertsbridge) away from your every day interruptions and the lights from the big city. We have an intimate setting with both indoor and outdoor settings to really get your creative juices flowing.  If, however you can’t join in person, you will be able to join in the learning and networking experience online via Zoom.

Hayesden Cottage
63A High Street

East Sussex
TN32 5AN


I aim to cover as much as possible, the real process as it is happening on a daily basis in the industry today:

Yvonne’s course is a total immersion into the thinking, vocabulary and process of TV drama. Calling on decades of experience and her connections to the industry, this is a 101 on story, character, scripting, script editing and the all important commercial appeal of a drama.
It gave me direction, ideas and insight into who’s who in Tellyland and – more importantly – why. Yvonne is a generous, engaging and responsive host, creating a space where attendees are allowed to be open and test ideas while she gently gives structure to the course. It’s thorough but invigorating. Rooted in knowledge but open to new ideas.

LAURENCE COOK Script Editing for TV delegate

FEE: £800.00
Pay £400 now to confirm your place around my table, and the balance 2 weeks before the course starts.


You can’t create experience, you must undergo it


Yvonne has worked with the following companies and can proudly wear the ‘been there, done that’ T-shirt

Once I had a first draft, I honestly couldn’t tell if it was any good. I hadn’t written for TV before and had no idea what the structure for an episode was…I knew I needed to get some expert eyes on it, so I went to Yvonne… She’s had 30+ years in the industry and seemed to fundamentally understand TV drama. She was the right person to help. I’d had lots of positive feedback about how strong my opening pages were. I was really, really proud of them. And one of Yvonne’s first comments was, “the opening’s got to change”…I trusted her though, and she was right…



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JEM DRYER Delegate/script editor If you ever want to see a real wizard at work, sign up for Yvonne Grace’s Script Editing for Television course right this second. The way Yvonne can take apart a script is genuinely dazzling to watch, and you can’t help but feel yourself becoming ten times the script editor you were just by watching her process. There is no explanation for being able to cover every aspect of script analysis and editing, storylining, delivering notes to writers, and understanding the script editor’s role in production in only four days other than magic.

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