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Qualifying as a Theatre Designer with a BA Hons, I then worked for five years as an actress mainly in touring theatre companies before coming to London in the late 1980s. I read scripts for Radio, Theatre and latterly Television, gaining invaluable insights into how writers write and what makes a great script.

I set up a successful script development company The DEPTFORD WIVES, which ran for two years, championing the work of new writers and  showcasing them in The BIRD’s NEST THEATRE PUB in Deptford to appreciative audiences.

I have 25 years experience in script editing, story lining, script development and television drama production.

I’ve just finished Yvonne Grace’s Script Editing for Television – and wanted to say how marvellous the course is.
For starters, there’s Yvonne with her warm welcome, knowledge, passion, and tales, all of which she imparts effortlessly, helping you to fall further in love with writing, story, and script editing. The four days are packed full of information, techniques that include practical approaches to analysing scripts, story development, creating series arcs, delivering script notes, and more.
What the course isn’t is a re-hashing of what every book about script editing says; instead, what you get is hands-on experience of what script editors do, the opportunity to practice as well as get feedback and tips on how to improve. Really, the breadth of information that comes up is too much to compress into a bitesize nugget.

If you write, if you want to deepen your knowledge of script editing, or expand your circle of writerly-type friends, grab some skills, and pep up your CV, without a doubt, get on one of Yvonne’s courses.”

You can’t create experience, you must undergo it


Yvonne has worked with the following companies and can proudly wear the ‘been there, done that’ T-shirt

Once I had a first draft, I honestly couldn’t tell if it was any good. I hadn’t written for TV before and had no idea what the structure for an episode was…I knew I needed to get some expert eyes on it, so I went to Yvonne… She’s had 30+ years in the industry and seemed to fundamentally understand TV drama. She was the right person to help. I’d had lots of positive feedback about how strong my opening pages were. I was really, really proud of them. And one of Yvonne’s first comments was, “the opening’s got to change”…I trusted her though, and she was right…


First cutting my teeth in Script Editing on EASTENDERS, I went on to develop long-running formats for the BBC Drama Series Department until I was asked to return to my Northern roots and work for GRANADA TELEVISION in Manchester in 1993.

I stayed there till 1998 working on the BAFTA Nominated children’s medical series THE WARD as Series Script Editor.

During this time, I continued to develop long running series formats for ITV, Script Edited the soap REVELATIONS and ran training workshops for CORONATION STREET to bring new story liners into the show.

In 1997 I produced MY DADS A BORING NERD a comedy pilot for children and CITV which won BEST CHILDRENS COMEDY in the BRITISH COMEDY AWARDS of that year. I also produced the comedy drama series KNIGHTSCHOOL for CITV.

Then in 1999 I Produced HOLBY CITY series 2 for BBC1. My series increased the ratings from 6 million per episode to 9.6 million and helped to guarantee it’s continued success. I worked for the BBC developing long running formats until I went freelance to write my own commissioned work.

In 2003 I was asked by the ITV Network to revamp CROSSROADS for ITV. I brought in a new cast, a new look, and cast Jane Asher in the lead, playing Angel Sampson. The series was watched by 1.5 million viewers a day, five days a week. I continued to develop original drama projects for CARLTON TELEVISION, and have established a healthy professional relationship with writers, agents and commissioners alike.

On a regular basis I run enjoyable, practical-based workshops covering treatment writing, story lining and script editing for writers groups and institutions within the television industry.

Industry Connections that stand the test of time


I believe during my time, I have worked with some of the best in the industry…

During my 25 years I have worked alongside some true industry greats. All who have help shaped me to be the best I can be. I want to use this experience to help shape you, to give you the same launch pad that I received…it doesn’t negate the need for hard work and good scripts but it certainly won’t hurt!

Here what others think of Yvonne’s ‘Joie de vivre’

‘I’ve worked with Yvonne on several projects and apart from benefiting from her vast TV experience and script wisdom, I’ve also enjoyed her enthusiasm and encouragement, all delivered with a heady dose of Northern wit!’


‘So grateful for your insight and expertise, delivered with a dash of sparkling humour!’

Julie Ferry

‘Yvonne is creative, insightful and experienced. Her personality also shines which makes working with her a real pleasure’

Lyndon Hayes

Script Advice Community


SCRIPT ADVICE WRITER’S ROOM on Facebook – I set up this group to support the work I do here at Script Advice it is THE group to join if you want great support, friendly advice and to be part of an inclusive, creative bunch of writers on Facebook. I also write many articles that are free for you to read. They may be a good starting point for you.

Yvonne’s top tips are a wonderful blend of inspiration and practical advice. Doing one of Yvonne’s courses at the Script Factory helped to give me the confidence to apply to do an MA in Screenwriting at the London College of Communication, which I have just completed.



if you are already a Facebook user you can chat with me and other writers (over 3,000) on my Facebook Group – The Script Advice Writer’s Room.


If you want to get an impressive insight into the industry and routes in to make your work competitive then buy this book now. Peter Devonald


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Students in the UK studying scriptwriting, creative writing, TV production and media courses would do well to read this book, with its practical focus and instructive guidance on the realities of writing for series in the industry. Read Full Quote

Dr Helen Jacey

If you want to get an impressive insight into the industry and routes in to make your work competitive then buy this book now.

Peter Devonald

“From Creation to Pitch: How to Write Stories for Television That Sell” by Yvonne Grace is like a GPS through the maze of TV production. With the finesse of a seasoned writer and the wisdom of a TV industry insider, Grace has distilled her years of experience into a compact powerhouse of guidance. This little guide isn’t just handy; it’s your secret weapon for navigating the turbulent waters of TV drama. #TVWritingWizardry #YvonneGraceMagic

Dominic Carver, Writer

JEM DRYER Delegate/script editor If you ever want to see a real wizard at work, sign up for Yvonne Grace’s Script Editing for Television course right this second. The way Yvonne can take apart a script is genuinely dazzling to watch, and you can’t help but feel yourself becoming ten times the script editor you were just by watching her process. There is no explanation for being able to cover every aspect of script analysis and editing, storylining, delivering notes to writers, and understanding the script editor’s role in production in only four days other than magic.

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