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Me and a couple of writers getting to grips with their treatments.

On a regular basis I run enjoyable, practical, industry-facing workshops covering treatment writing, story lining and script editing for writers groups and institutions within the television industry.

Here are some of the organisations and companies I have recently worked with:

  • BBC Drama Series – London – One day Story lining day for Holby City Story Teams
  • BBC Drama Series – Cardiff – One day Story lining day for Casualty Story Teams
  • Guardian Masterclass – As one of their credited industry experts, I deliver my 2 Day Script Editing for TV Course
  • Screenskills – As a credited workshop/trainer, I deliver my 4 Day Script Editing for Television Course part funded by this important industry institution.
  • London Screenwriting Festival – Delivering Master Classes on how to write creatively for the commercial market and also regular contributor of story lining and treatment writing workshops
  • Skriva Writing School – regular provider of short courses and master classes in tv writing
  • The National Film and TV School – Short course – storylining for the tv industry.

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Yvonne has worked with the following companies and can proudly wear the ‘been there, done that’ T-shirt

MARTIN BELL Once I had a first draft, I honestly couldn’t tell if it was any good. I hadn’t written for TV before and had no idea what the structure for an episode was…I knew I needed to get some expert eyes on it, so I went to Yvonne… She’s had 30+ years in the industry and seemed to fundamentally understand TV drama. She was the right person to help. I’d had lots of positive feedback about how strong my opening pages were. I was really, really proud of them. And one of Yvonne’s first comments was, “the opening’s got to change”…I trusted her though, and she was right…

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