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Straight away, Yvonne saw the bigger picture and was showed me how to connect ideas together so nothing gets lost, it was like a string of light bulbs going on. Whenever you get to a point where you’ve fizzled out, she comes up with both new ideas and practical suggestions which get you right back to knowing what to do next. A true expert and a brilliant teacher


What does Yvonne do with a script?’ She looks for the heartbeat of it, the characters, the themes, the what really matters, and then she gives detailed, focused, passionate notes that help you re-write in a way that makes it beat louder

ALISON DOWN‪‬ writer

Huge thanks to @YVONNEGRACE1 for her great report on my script: honest, inspiring and clear on what needs fixing


First cutting my teeth in Script Editing on EASTENDERS, I went on to develop long-running formats for the BBC Drama Series Department until I was asked to return to my Northern roots and work for GRANADA TELEVISION in Manchester in 1993.

I stayed there till 1998 working on the BAFTA Nominated children’s medical series THE WARD as Series Script Editor, and also Script Edited the soap REVELATIONS; created by Russell T Davies, who taught me a lot about story lining and story structure.
Working at Granada Television in the late ’90’s meant I was lucky enough to work with and be inspired by the writers who would go on to be the leading lights in television drama series, Sally Wainwright, Kay Mellor and Paul Abbot all helped shape the producer and script executive I am today.

Script Consultancy


Yvonne has been invaluable in my overall development. With her support over the past six months I have been able to produce my finest work to date and my confidence in my ability has a writer has grown enormously. She has helped me to improve the quality of my storytelling and to develop structured writing patterns; at the same time, I have gained a much deeper knowledge of writing TV series and serials. I can also now write a reasonable treatment. Yvonne is friendly, honest and passionate about the writers she works with, which at times does require the writer to think ruthlessly about their own work. Her passion makes me as a writer want to be the best that I can be and from here anything is possible.


I’ve worked with Yvonne on several projects and apart from benefiting from her vast TV experience and script wisdom, I’ve also enjoyed her enthusiasm and encouragement, all delivered with a heady dose of Northern wit!


She knows exactly how to work with writers – she respects them. All Yvonne’s critiques are designed to help me discover for myself the way forward. She understands what TV producers want and she values creativity


In 1999 I Produced HOLBY CITY series 2 for BBC1. My series increased the ratings from 6 million per episode to 9.6 million and helped to guarantee it’s continued success. I worked for the BBC developing long running formats until I went freelance to write my own commissioned work.

In 2003 I was asked by the ITV Network to revamp CROSSROADS for ITV. I brought in a new cast, a new look, and cast Jane Asher in the lead, playing Angel Sampson. The series was watched by 1.5 million viewers a day, five days a week. I continued to develop original drama projects for CARLTON TELEVISION, and have established a healthy professional relationship with writers, agents and commissioners alike.

Development Packages


To truly develop their craft, writers need an experienced, supportive, empathetic ‘extra eye’ on their output. This is where I come in. Once you are working as a writer in the industry, you will be familiar with this most essential relationship; that is, the one between writer and script editor. I designed these two packages to mirror that vital relationship. Using my skills over a certain time frame, you will be engaging me as your personal script editor and beginning one the most important relationships you will have as a television writer. Here your learning curve will really start.

Yvonne gave me my first break in television. She was my first teacher, my first producer and a key person in my script editing training. She has a passion for long running series, thinks outside the box and is prepared to take risks.

ELAINE PYKE Outgoing Channel Director Sky Atlantic.


Time Frame – 3 Months.
I bring your writing craft to the next level, develop your skill base and help you become the confident television writer you want to be.

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Time Frame – 6 Months
I designed this to bring those writers with projects nearing the end of their final development, to the attention of likely interested parties via my connections in the tv industry.

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 Standard Screenplay (90-120 pages)
You have finished your script and now you need a second opinion.

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Shaping that idea
You have a great idea, but are struggling taking it further.

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Standard TV Hour (60 pages)
You have finished your script and now you need a second opinion.

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Yvonne’s top tips are a wonderful blend of inspiration and practical advice. Doing one of Yvonne’s courses at the Script Factory helped to give me the confidence to apply to do an MA in Screenwriting at the London College of Communication, which I have just completed.



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