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  ‘This online course is offered both in small groups and on an individual basis. Contact me to arrange your personal start and finish dates then sign up and pay.’

There is precious little on the internet about how to write a good tv treatment and examples are very hard to come by. This is because treatments are used by development execs and producers alike, to begin and continue a conversation about a drama project and they are not, as a rule, circulated in the wider world.

As a television drama producer with many years experience of not only writing treatments to pitch to and engage with execs at both the BBC and ITV, but also years of reading them, I have put together an intensive 6-week course to show you how to write the best tv treatment to make sure you shine a light on the truly strong commercial aspects of your tv series idea as well as highlighting the creative energy behind it.

Initially beginning with an intensive brain storming session over Zoom, I will identify the best bits of your idea and help you shape those elements not as strong. There are 5 individual edit sessions for you personally over a 6 week period with intensive writing days in between. You will cover a lot of ground, you will learn a lot and be able to take away with you, not only a solid grounding in the process of conception and delivery of a television drama series idea, but your treatment, from which you can now write your tv pilot.

The course cost is £660; that’s 6 weeks to show you how to write a cracking TV Treatment.  Contact me to get your personal start date in my development diary.  If possible, I can arrange for you to pay in two instalments of £330.  Please read our Terms and Conditions. Get started and sign up for your course today.

I have learnt more from Yvonne than what I did on my MA writing course. It was great being able to discuss ideas with her and plan the best course of action. Her northern wit puts you immediately at ease.


I found it really helpful to have a disciplined process for the weeks before drafting began, with an experienced independent reader who can view it through the eye of the market I want to reach. The formal treatment stage is useful in terms of helping to refine the proposition, and the breakdown in clarifying what the first draft of the script should attempt.


Insightful, exciting and enjoyable are but a few words to describe my experience working with Yvonne. The 6 week development course is such a worthwhile course if you want to; understand how TV treatments are formed, develop an idea further and sharpen the structure of your material.

Yvonne was able to extrapolate and tell me things about my treatment that I couldn’t see, but was trying to express and through brainstorming together via Skype the story was starting to develop into something I couldn’t do by myself. It’s very difficult to create a solid treatment but with the help from Yvonne made sure I stuck on the path until the end goal was achieved – a great story with interesting characters.


Six of the quickest weeks I’ve ever spent writing.  The pace is intense and matched with Yvonne’s expertise, incredible eye for detail and supportive manner, I’ve simply made breakthrough after breakthrough after breakthrough.  Highly recommended.


What strongly appealed to me on the course was Yvonne’s deep understanding of the dna of television as an industry and profession, it workings and what success looks like. I really valued getting to work immediately. The course didn’t feel drawn out and had pace and momentum. I felt constantly challenged.
My strengths and weakness identified by Yvonne were accurate and highlighted straight away, which demonstrated Yvonne’s experience and focus. I was able to start working through these.

It was good to talk through stories and characters and Yvonne honestly details their use, practicalities and value to a drama.

The use of Yvonne’s book – a must read, and materials gave me a foundation and a good reference.

The biggest leanings for me were to get to my story quickly, sub text, inter weaving stories and structure.

Yvonne gave me what I look for in a tutor – knowledge, experience, confidence, supportive guidance and humour.


To get the best out of the 6 weeks this course is limited to just 10 writers. ‘The course cost is £660 to show you how to write a cracking TV Treatment. I ask for a 50% upfront deposit (£330) when you sign up to the course, to confirm your place and then the balance after the first 3 weeks. Please read our Terms and Conditions. Get started and sign up for your course today.

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Once I had a first draft, I honestly couldn’t tell if it was any good. I hadn’t written for TV before and had no idea what the structure for an episode was…I knew I needed to get some expert eyes on it, so I went to Yvonne… She’s had 30+ years in the industry and seemed to fundamentally understand TV drama. She was the right person to help. I’d had lots of positive feedback about how strong my opening pages were. I was really, really proud of them. And one of Yvonne’s first comments was, “the opening’s got to change”…I trusted her though, and she was right…


JEM DRYER Delegate/script editor If you ever want to see a real wizard at work, sign up for Yvonne Grace’s Script Editing for Television course right this second. The way Yvonne can take apart a script is genuinely dazzling to watch, and you can’t help but feel yourself becoming ten times the script editor you were just by watching her process. There is no explanation for being able to cover every aspect of script analysis and editing, storylining, delivering notes to writers, and understanding the script editor’s role in production in only four days other than magic.

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