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Amber Ending Has Viewers Red With Rage: How Not To Break The Rules! I have Charles Harris, writer-director and director of Euroscript, on my blog today. Charles has made award-winning programmes for TV and cinema. [...]

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Holby City 1999. I had been asked by Mal Young (Head of Series drama at BBC1) to produce the second series of this critically acclaimed medical drama. The first series had not been the ratings [...]

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My son was born in my 46th year. This, according to the NHS made me as old as the Peat Bog Woman but he turned out healthy and happy in spite of my Neolithic status. So I for one am happy to concede that I can not have it all and am very lucky that I had the career had and still managed to get the opportunity to be a mum before my bits turned back to peat bog.

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