There is precious little on the internet about how to write a good tv treatment and examples are very hard to come by. This is because treatments are used by development execs and producers alike, to begin and continue a conversation about a drama project and they are not, as a rule, circulated in the wider world.

As a television drama producer with many years experience of not only writing treatments to pitch to and engage with execs at both the BBC and ITV, but also years of reading them, I have put together an intensive 6-week course to show you how to write the best tv treatment to make sure you shine a light on the truly strong commercial aspects of your tv series idea as well as highlighting the creative energy behind it.

Initially beginning with an intensive brainstorming session over Zoom, I will identify the best bits of your idea and help you shape those elements not as strong.

There are 5 individual edit sessions for you personally over a 6 week period with intensive writing days in between.

You will cover a lot of ground, you will learn a lot and be able to take away with you, not only a solid grounding in the process of conception and delivery of a television drama series idea, but your treatment, from which you can now write your tv pilot.

Lets get started by clicking on the lessons below: