November 2017:

Having come from a film background and been somewhat flying by the seat of my pants developing my own television projects, I wanted to learn more detail about the structure of TV drama and gain a greater understanding of all the script elements required to produce a successful series. This course was both informative and encouraging, facilitating expression of opinions in a relaxed collaborative environment. It was also fun, sitting in a room of like minded people talking about story and characters all day, my idea of heaven! Yvonne took time to give us an in depth explanation of the script editing process and where it sits within the hierarchy of production. In addition, the homework set both prior to and during the course provided a means to assess individual ability and most importantly provided a means to gauge improvement. In short this course was invaluable and ticked every box. I feel that my skill set has been greatly increased, giving me the confidence to promote myself within the TV drama arena. My only complaint is that it was over too soon!

Rachel Chatterjee producer/script editor delegate

I decided to go on Yvonne’s Script Editing for TV course for two reasons. First, I wanted to find out what’s involved in becoming a development script editor. Second, I wanted to learn about script editing so that I could apply it to my screenwriting. To say that the course delivered on both of these fronts would be a massive understatement. We covered a huge amount of ground over four days and I came away from the course not only with a slightly aching brain from all the information, but with a very clear idea of not only what script editing entails but also its practical application across a variety of disciplines.
I was staggered by the quality of the speakers that Yvonne managed to attract to the course – not just screenwriters at the top of their game, but some of the most senior and influential executives from TV. I’ve already recommended this course to a number of people.

Nick Kirby – writer /script editor delegate

“Wow! What an amazing two weekends with a TV genius. I couldn’t wait for the second weekend to come and I didn’t want the course to ever finish.

Yvonne Grace is a funny, eccentric powerhouse of energy, creativity, TV experience and knowledge. She really knows her onions but imparts it with such a huge sense of passion and play that you don’t even realise you are learning. My time spent with her was great fun!

The nuggets of experience and wisdom she imparts along the way are invaluable. I would truly recommend this course to anyone interested in TV writing/script editing 1000%

Stephen Surridge – writer/script editor delegate

I attended Yvonne’s script editing course at Birkbeck College, University of London, over two weekends in November, and found it to be informative, inspiring and extremely well run. Yvonne is clearly an authority in her field, and very well connected. My understanding of structure, character arcs and storylining improved immensely over the four days, to the point where I now understand the role of the script editor both individually and in the production process. The guest speakers were excellent and clearly at the top of their game within the industry. I would be delighted to be given the opportunity to take this knowledge forward, particularly with regards to seeing professionals in action. I would not hesitate to recommend this course to anyone.

Sarah Lucas – journalist/script editor delegate

The Script Editing for Television course has been an utter revelation for me in terms of what I have learned in such a short space of time, and I will continue to look back on everything I have learned as I move on in my career. It was an intense four days but Yvonne made everyone feel completely relaxed throughout and even though every participant came from different backgrounds and skillsets, we all were able to air our views and get a great deal from the course.

I feel that this four day session is invaluable for anyone who wants to pursue a career in script editing. Yvonne has created a clear course breakdown that really helps her students to fully understand the relationship between the overall story arc and the individual episode structures that are crucial to a successful television series. We also got to meet some incredible figures from the world of television and they all gave very insightful talks on their own career path and what skills we need to succeed in the industry. I would wholeheartedly recommend this course, there’s nothing else like it out there and the skills you will develop and contacts you make are second to none.

Jennifer Fox writer/script editor delegate

May 2017

The weekend was packed full of useful information; still digesting some of it. It was far more relaxed than I was expecting, but in a good way! It was the perfect environment to soak up new information on a job role I only really know bits and bobs about from my time at university. It was great to be surrounded with people who have a similar goal as myself, and interesting to see how we had all come from different backgrounds. It’s excellent to connect with people in the industry with diverse knowledge and experience. I can’t wait to soak up more of Yvonne Grace’s wisdom. I would recommend the course wholeheartedly and it’s definitely worth trying to get a place.

Rosie Drabble – script editor delegate

I really enjoyed everything we covered on Saturday and Sunday and I’m so excited for this coming weekend as well (especially meeting Kate Oates as her time on Emmerdale is some of my most favourite/beloved soap ever.)

Nadia Rasheed – script editor delegate

I can’t believe we’re only halfway through. I have learnt so much, and had fun along the way. Highly recommended.

Elena Johnston – script editor delegate

“Few gurus have the experience or expertise Yvonne brings to her first-of-its-kind script-editing course, nor can they match her enthusiasm and energy. Every session is intensive and accessible, every guest speaker a leader in their field. You couldn’t get a better introduction to the job.”

Emma Morgan – script editor delegate

I really love how practical this course is and with how much joy and love for the business comes across from Yvonne sharing her knowledge. If you want to learn how to connect creativity with structure, empathy within pressure and create meaningful stories in a team- this course it the right thing for you. I found it amazing to meet industry professionals and hear from their everyday life in the business.

Anna-Zoë Schmidt – delegate

I have learnt so much about the art of script editing – Yvonne has packed the course with some much useful information. She is really inspiring and her enthusiasm is so infectious. I can’t recommend the course enough. I will never watch television the same way again! Anna Hinds – delegate
This is a unique course in script editing for British television, and a privilege to work with speakers at the forefront of the industry. As a result of Yvonne’s fun and insightful approach, I’ve achieved all that I wanted to get out of this course; confidence in my ability, an awareness of the current industry and the pleasure of working with live scripts. Loved it.

Hannah Piekarz – delegate

HUGE thanks to the powerhouse of knowledge that is @YVONNEGRACE1 your script editing masterclass was everything you promised.

Richard Paul Wheildon Delegate

Yvonne Grace is a veritable goldmine of information regarding the processes underpinning script development and TV programme production. Yvonne is knowledgeable, passionate, analytical, engaging and encouraging. I found her course to be constructive, pragmatic and highly informative. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with the desire to forge a career in UK TV.

Kerry Reynolds – delegate

Impact of my course on Delegates so far………
I am due to start as the Development Coordinator for the BBC Writers Room Northern Ireland.
During the interview process, the interviewers were very interested in the fact that I had done your course. I feel that it really helped me to stand out from the other candidates. Not only was I able to talk about what I learnt on the course at the interview, but also how it has changed the way that I watch shows.
I know that for me, the course was a real eye-opener. It gave me the encouragement to apply for my new role and I believe will help me massively in my future work.

Anna Hinds Delegate May 2017/script editor

Thank you Yvonne and your Script Editing for Television Course. It is because of the skills you taught me and the confidence you brought out of me during those 4 days in May, that I am happy to say I am about to start work on an independent feature as a Assistant Script Editor.

Emma Morgan Delegate May 2017/script editor

I met Simon Harper on Yvonne’s Script Editing for Television Course in May and I followed up on her intitial contact, meeting him in Cardiff where I got some really great pointers as to what I should be doing in order to ultimately gain employment as a Script Editor in television.

Elena Johnston Delegate May 2017/script editor


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