Cover of "Mrs. Santa Claus"

Cover of Mrs. Santa Claus

I am waving festively from my desk in Script Advice Towers. The faux fur hat is at a jaunty angle, I have bought more scented candles than is good for me, I keep buying special offer Prosecco for Christmas Day and then drinking it.

Thank you writers.

For following me on Twitter for joining Script Advice Writer’s Room on Facebook, and for visiting my website

Thank you for letting me read for you, script edit for you and take you a little way down your writing road this year.

There is a lot of noise out there about screenwriting.

Some of it is bang and bluster.

Some of it is sound and true.

I hope in my own way, I have provided a place of consistent, solid, no-nonsense advice for you and that in 2014 we continue to work together and grow, both as a writers (and in my case) teachers of writing.

Happy Christmas and here’s to a productive, plentiful, generous New Year.