Treatments Are My Thing.

I have worked with writers and their ideas now for 25 years in various guises; I have been a script editor, a script development executive and both a producer and an executive producer all of the series and serial formats.

There is not much I don’t know about developing strong, engaging, commercial and creative ideas for television.

And the Treatment is the document at the centre of all this work.

Television producers love a good read. A short, succinct, arresting, not at all rambling, very entertaining read. They don’t like a long read or a superfluous read or one that doesn’t deliver a cracking dramatic world for the television screen. So I have a solution.

Over the years that I have worked with writers and their ideas, I have come up with a solid template for a good treatment. I include this in my book and I use it as the basis of my one day workshop – Shaping Your Ideas for Television.

I am now rolling this out to as many writers as I can via this new way of working with me.


This is a month’s commitment from both of us. During that time we shape, tone, hone and sort out what it is you want to say, and how you are best to say it in the form of an exciting and original Treatment that will not only help sell your project, but will also help you write the pilot in a pain-free, stress-free way.

Our development conversations will be lively, full of creative ideas; there will be lots of collaboration between you the originator and writer and me your Script Editor.

You will grow very quickly as a writer and as a creative individual working with a professional who knows the industry as well as I do.

Between us we will break down your idea to its compenent parts and I will show you how to put them all back together again so your idea truly shines.

Over four weeks, via email and 2 x 1 hour Skype sessions with me, you will identify the DNA of your television idea and with my help, write the treatment to support it.


HOW LONG?: 4 weeks; 2 x 1 hour one on one Skypes and email support when needed.
WHAT DO YOU GET?: Me as your personal Script Editor – 25 years of experience in the field and a strong, intuitive hand to guide your idea to full potential. You will write 2 drafts of your Treatment over this period using my personal Treatment Template.

Contact me HERE for more details.


Yvonne Grace

Yvonne Grace is an award winning television drama producer/script consultant with 25 years’ experience of production, script development and script editing. Her script consultancy helps writers write better television scripts www.scriptadvice.co.uk.

Her best-selling book “Writing for Television Series, Serials and Soaps” is available on Amazon and published by Kamera books.