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Writing for Television: A Complete Writer’s Guide to Scriptwriting for Television (A Creative Essentials Guide)

Writing for Television by script editor and consultant Yvonne Grace is a no-nonsense, direct down-the-lens look at the television industry written from the point of view of a television drama producer who’s been there, done it, fought some battles and won the odd award. Written in an engaging, anecdotal tone, Writing for Television provides advice on: Getting an agent; The type of writer television’s looking for; The tool kit a television writer needs; The screenwriter/script editor relationship; How to structure a storyline; How to write good treatments and outlines. READ REVIEWS ON AMAZON

Online Writing Course by Yvonne Grace

Script Advice, Analysis and Feedback by a Professional Script Consultant

I’ve just started Yvonne Grace’s online course, since treatments are my nemeis…Loving her approach, this is what I need. So far having so much fun – with structure!  – Rachel Smith – writer


Yvonne is vastly experienced in TV ; she has a total and profound understanding of the medium. She knows exactly how to present a project to TV producers’  – Writer/director.


I have the experience to take your script and your writing career to the next level.

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I am impressed by Yvonne’s intuition, intelligence and rigour as a script editor’ writer.

John Abulafia.